Importing Simply Accounting Files in an ASCII Text File Format

If you have a version of Simply Accounting that is not supported by Working Papers, use the following techniques to export the Simply Accounting data into a text file format and then import the export file into Working Papers.

To export the Simply Accounting file

  1. While in the Simply Accounting client file, select the Report menu, and choose the Report you want to export. The Trial Balance or General Ledger reports are best suited for importing into Working Papers.

  2. While viewing the report, on the File menu, select Export, and then Tax Software.

  3. In the Types box, select Text File.

    Simply creates an export file with a file name Trial.txt or Ledger.txt

    You are now ready to import the export file into Working Papers using the ASCII text file import.

To import the Simply Accounting export file into Working Papers

  1. Open the Working Papers client file to which you want to import.

  2. On the File menu, select Import, and then ASCII Text File.

  3. Under Record Type, select Fixed Length.

  4. Complete the details of the file you want to export and click Layout.

  5. While in the Record Layout dialog, click Re-Align Records to arrange the fields automatically in the ASCII text file according to end of line markers.

  6. Enter the positions of the fields in the ASCII text file and then click Import.

  7. During the import you will be asked whether to update the current engagement properties or not. Be aware that the information in Simply Accounting may not line up exactly with the engagement properties in Working Papers. Unless you know that the fields line up, answer no.

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