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Welcome to CaseWare® Connector

Connector is an add-in for Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel® that enables you to link data between Working Papers and Microsoft documents. You can create links from Word and Excel to the Working Papers database to retrieve accounts, descriptions, balances, and other client-related information. With Connector functionality, you can create custom documents for financial statements, schedules, or calculations that are specific to your needs. For everything you need to know about Connector, navigate through the help topics available here on our website. Use the main categories below, the Search bar located above, or the Menu located in the top right corner to find the topics most relevant to your needs.

What's New in Connector 2016

  • Added the ability to link to specific adjusting entries using the CaseWare Linkage dialog. Adjusting Journal Entries is now available in the Category list.

  • Added the ability to link to entity names using the CaseWare Linkage dialog. Consolidation Tree is now available in the Category list for consolidated files.

  • Connector 2016 allows inserting formulas into groups of cells; formulas are inserted in a sequential pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Follow the instructions in Connector Add-in is disabled.

  • You can use the Unlink command to convert links to static values. For more information, see Unlinking Connector Formulas.

  • To connect your Word or Excel file to Working Papers, the preferred method is to use the Document Manager. Follow the instructions in Connecting to Working Papers.

  • There are several methods for modifying or editing a link. For more information, see Editing Links.

  • You can use the Relink command to convert static values that have been previously "unlinked". For more information, see Relinking Connector Formulas.

  • Yes. Connector supports working with multiple Excel documents from different versions of Working Papers on a single computer. You can now open Connector documents that link to client files of different versions of Working Papers at the same time.

  • Yes. Connector should function properly in this scenario, providing files are located on the SharePoint server while Working Papers files are local or on a file server. Note that this only works with Internet Explorer.

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Before contacting Technical Support, please consult the online Help and any other documentation included with this package as your first source to solve the problem.

If you require additional assistance, you can contact CaseWare® Technical Support by contacting your nearest CaseWare distributor.

When you contact CaseWare® Technical Support, you should be at your computer and have your documentation at hand. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Your Client Number.
  2. The product version number, found by clicking the Help menu and selecting About.
  3. The type of computer hardware you are using.
  4. The software version number of MS-Windows.
  5. The exact wording of any messages that appear on your screen.
  6. A description of what happened and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  7. A description of how you tried to solve the problem.

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