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Keyboard Shortcuts

Press To
ESC Close the current document
+ Drop to the next row
F1 Access the Help
F2 Rename selected files in Document Manager
F4 Print Preview a document
F5 Refresh
F8 Display a list of applicable items that can be selected for automatic insertion into a dialog field or a column in the Report setup, Account setup or Mapping database setup
F9 (OR Double click the line) Drill-down to a supporting document
F11 (Un)Fold a fold line in a browse window
F12 Restore columns in a browse window
ALT+Down Arrow Activate a drop-down list
ALT+Enter Access the document properties for the current document
ALT+Page Down Shuffle Down one page
ALT+Page Up Shuffle Up one page
ALT+LETTER Activate the drop-down menu for that letter (i.e., ALT+F accesses the File menu)
ALT+LETTER, LETTER Activate the drop-down menu for first letter then the menu choice for second letter
ALT+Right Arrow (with the cursor on the folder) Open a folder on the Document Manager
ALT+Left Arrow (with the cursor on the folder) Close a folder on the Document Manager
ALT+SHIFT+Right Arrow (with the cursor on one of the folders) Open all folders of the same level on the Document Manager
ALT+SHIFT+Left Arrow (with the cursor on one of the folders) Close all folders of the same level on the Document Manager
ALT+F4 Exit the application
ALT+F7 Switch Document Manager to Docking View
CTRL+HOME Scroll to the top of the window
CTRL+END Scroll to the bottom of the window
CTRL+Down Arrow Moves a selection up one position
CTRL+Up Arrow Moves a selection down one position
CTRL+F2 Add Line Annotation
CTRL+F3 Add Total Annotation
CTRL+F4 Close the currently open window
CTRL+F5 New Note
CTRL+F6 New Tickmark
CTRL+F7 New Document Reference
CTRL+F8 New Manual Reference
CTRL+F9 Insert commentary text
CTRL+P Print
CTRL+F11 Set a fold line
CTRL+A Select all in a browse
CTRL+C Copy a selection of text to the clipboard
CTRL+D Delete a document, line or block of marked lines
CTRL+E Access the Other Journal Entries worksheet
CTRL+F Find an item
CTRL+G Jump to a document or dialog
CTRL+I Insert a new document or line
CTRL+J Insert Adjusting Journal Entries
CTRL+L Select (highlight) a line in a browse
CTRL+M Display properties of the selected item
CTRL+N Create a new file
CTRL+O Open a file
CTRL+P Print a document
CTRL+R Access the Report setup
CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT Paste a selection from the clipboard
CTRL+W Access the Working Trial Balance
CTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE Cut a selection of text
CTRL+Z OR ALT+BACKSPACE Undo a cut or paste from the clipboard
CTRL+SHIFT+S Access the account split up window


Tip: Pressing the Alt key on the keyboard displays hotkeys on dialogs and menus. Hotkeys display as underlined letters. Example: To open Tracker, From the Document Manager, hold Alt while pressing F and then R. This will open the File menu and then launch Tracker.