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Known Issues in Working Papers 2016

  • Removing an override from an external data input cell may fail.

    Workaround: Navigate to Document | Settings | Client Options and uncheck the CaseView database records saved when document saved checkbox. You may have to uncheck Document owns CaseView database records first.

    Note: This workaround may impact certain cells in the cash flow worksheet of the Financials template and the Q CaseView document of the Audit template.

  • The ribbon KeyTips, which appear when pressing Alt in CaseView, do not appear when navigating to the Knowledge Library, Print, Export, and Help groups on the File tab.

  • Refreshing a Print Preview window of an embedded document after making changes may cause CaseView to stop responding.

  • Three issues identified on Windows 7 operating systems:

    • The title bar may not display in Print Preview.
    • CaseView may get cut off when resized (including full screen). Contents of the window appear to resize, but the window remains the original size and content is cut off.
    • The ribbon does not drop down when moving the cursor to the top when in full screen.

    These issue are only reproducible under the following conditions:

    • Working Papers theme set to Scenic (default).
    • Multiple Document Windows is not enabled.
    • Windows 7 theme set to Basic or Classic.
  • During Print Preview, a Microsoft error displays if the document:

    • Is referenced as an External Document in CaseView; and,
    • Is open in Microsoft Word.
  • Hyphenation and spell-checking cannot handle single words longer than 63 characters.

  • Some images in embedded Microsoft Word documents may not print to PDF properly when using Microsoft Office 2007. This issue is limited to images consisting of multiple layers.

  • When using graphs with the New Look option not selected, there may be a discrepancy in the appearance of the graph, depending on the zoom and the size of the graph, between Print Preview and the PDF or hard copy.

  • Document scrolling issues can occur if a section header is visible.

  • Deleting characters in a paragraph by backspacing sometimes does not work.

  • Using the [x] button in the document tabs to close the associated document when the engagement is locked down could cause CaseView to become unresponsive

  • When two cells are directly next to each other in a justified paragraph, one of those cells may not correctly wrap to the next line.

  • Checking the Restart page numbering in a Table of Contents object in the document will result in incorrect page numbering.

  • In a locked down file, users may still be able to print changes to documents containing external data cells if another document is open which allows them to make changes to the same external data.

  • An Error -490 may appear when trying to view the "Label" group for cells in the Calculation Organizer.

  • The borders of some skipped rows may not print if the Skip and Hide Top Border with Row and Skip and Hide Bottom Border with Row properties in the table properties are selected.