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Installing Packaged Templates

The Template Installer Wizard guides you through the steps needed to install templates.

Welcome to the Template Installer Wizard

This first page explains the process of installing a template.


End User License Agreement

Before actually installing a template, the End User License Agreement (EULA) must be accepted. To continue with the installation, click I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

Installation Folders

Specify the location where the template should be installed. Default paths are automatically displayed based on the location of the Working Papers installation.

Note: Depending on the template you are installing, folder options may differ from the ones shown in the screen shot below.

Click on an area in the screen shot below to view its description

Extracting Files

Multiple progress bars track the status of the installation.


The template is now installed on the workstation. Click Close to return to Working Papers.

Installed templates are available when creating a new file and can also be accessed by selecting Templates when opening Working Papers or clicking Tools | Templates when in a client file.

  • Clicking Cancel or closing the Install Template Package Wizard before the template has been installed will display an interruption screen.
  • An error page will display if the template installation was unsuccessful unless specified otherwise in your silentcwp.ini file.
  • For updates/patches, only changed information is updated during installation.
  • If the template includes executable files, they are launched per the parameters selected when the template was packaged, i.e. either before or after the template is installed.

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