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Duplicate Files SmartSync Queue
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Output Pane

The output pane generates messages and warnings about your engagement files. Use this pane to monitor duplicate files or SmartSync files added to the queue for synchronization.

Duplicate Files

Problems with duplication of files can occur when copying files through Windows Explorer, instead of through Tracker. When copying files through Tracker each engagement file is assigned a unique identifier. Duplicate file identifiers can cause issues in Tracker. To monitor this issue, run a file scan to identify any duplicate files. If any duplicate files are identified in the Output pane you can right-click the affected file to remove or fix the duplication. After a duplicate file is fixed, it is added to the list of files in the Engagement pane.

  • Assigns the duplicate file with its own unique file identifier. After the repair completes for the duplicate file, it is added to the list of files in the Engagement pane.

  • Removes the duplicate files listed in the Output pane. Removed files are disregarded by Tracker, but they are not deleted from your computer. After duplicate files are removed only the last scanned file appears in the Engagement pane.

SmartSync Queue

Adding files to the SmartSync queue is analogous to synchronizing changes from Working Papers SmartSync. To add a file to the SmartSync queue, right-click the file and choose the menu option “Queue for Synchronization”. The file then appears in the Output pane and you can monitor the synchronization progress for that file. After synchronization completes an icon appears beside the file to indicate if there are any conflicts or if synchronization failed.

From the Output pane you can select one of the following options by right-clicking on the file:

  • Remove: Remove a file in the queue (if synchronization has not started)
  • Queue Again: Re-queue files (if synchronization fails to complete)
  • View Conflicts: View the conflict dialog (if synchronization completes)

If an error occurs then an X is displayed on the icon and the error will be reported in the text. You cannot resolve conflicts from Tracker; open Working Papers SmartSync to resolve any conflicts.

Note: SmartSync Queue will only show if SmartSync is enabled.

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