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About Active Directory

Users that are part of the Windows Active Directory can be imported into the Working Papers User List. In addition to the user name and password, other information such as the user’s last name will also be imported.

When integrated with Active Directory, the information that is used to log into a company network (i.e. user name and password) is also used to authenticate users when Working Papers is launched. An additional step of logging into Working Papers is not required.

User accounts added to Working Papers via Active Directory have restrictions on the information that can be modified in Working Papers. The first name, last name and designation fields are disabled in Working Papers and can only be modified in Active Directory. Once modified, user accounts must be re-imported into Working Papers.

  • An Active Directory import is available only if a Data Store is being used and if Active Directory Integration is turned on in the Administrator Options dialog (Tools | Options | Data Store | Administrator Options).
  • An import can only be done from the default Active Directory server. It is possible to import from several Active Directory servers. However, the import for each server must be done from a computer which connects to that server by default.
  • Users not assigned to global groups will not have protection rights. To enable protection, assign users to a global group with protection rights.

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