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About Protection

Protection provides security to client files. With protection turned on you can:

  • Control the amount of rights users have within client files
  • Limit users that are not connected to your data store from accessing client files
  • Allocate work based on the documents you assign your staff members

To turn protection "on" in the Tools tab, in the Users group, select Protection | Turn Protection On.

When you first enter Working Papers, protection is not enforced and the following default supervisor password is provided:

  • Username: sup
  • Password: sup

If using protection we recommend implementing a data store with a global user list and all users connected to it for client files to be fully secure. Without a data store, users may encounter issues with changing their passwords, should Working Papers not recognize the user.

Note: With Protection on, it is still possible to modify external documents such as Excel or PDFs through Windows Explorer. Compressing files after you have closed them can prevent these documents from being modified. File compression can be set in the Auto Compress field in Tools | Options | General.

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