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Work program/checklist progress report

Note: This feature is not available in all products.

The firm author has the option to define one or more Work program/checklist progress reports for your engagement. Each Work program/checklist progress report enables you to keep track of the progress on all work programs and checklists of a specified type, as defined by the firm author. A separate Work program/checklist progress report should be provided for each type of document whose status is to be tracked.

For example, the firm author could create a report to track all work program and checklist documents related to the planning phase of the engagement.

The following columns are defined for each Work program/checklist progress report:

Column Description

Document topics and names

The first column of the report displays an icon indicating the progress of the document and the document name and number.

Documents are organized by topic, which is specified in the document properties for each work program or checklist by the firm author.


A link to guidance that may be useful when completing this work program or checklist.

This column displays any issues that have been defined for the document.

Unselect this check box if a document is not relevant to the engagement.


Type any comments that might be useful for a particular document.

As the engagement progresses, you can click to update the Work program/checklist progress report. For each document that appears in the report, one of the following progress icons is displayed:

Icon Description

Not Started

In Progress


Not Relevant

You can use the View drop-down to specify a view for the Work program/checklist progress report. Each view displays some or all of the documents in the report. The following views are defined:

View Description

Default View

Display all documents.

In Progress

Display all documents currently in progress. Includes if a document role is signed off and not all procedures are signed off.


Display documents for which issues have been defined.

Not Relevant

Display only documents that are not relevant. A document is marked as not relevant if the check box in the column has been unselected.


Display only documents that are relevant.

This online help system applies to all CaseWare Audit, Review, and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.