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About Comparison and Revision

Comparison and revision assist users and their managers by showing where an active document differs from another. If desired, the active document can be immediately updated with data from the other file.

The chief component in carrying out comparisons is the use of labeled sections. CaseView can identify a specific section in a document, allowing for the comparison of sections that are labeled identically in any two documents. Labeling sections further enhances CaseView documents by reducing the amount of ’noise’ during the comparison process and simplify the task of matching the contents of two documents.

Using CaseView’s advanced comparison and revision features a document can be compared to three types of CaseView documents:

A Milestone is a snapshot of the current CaseView document. It can be used to save a particular version of the CaseView document at a specific time. Comparison and revision features can be used for managing milestones in the preparation of financial statements. Doing this makes the review process for last minute changes extremely efficient.

A Knowledge Library is a special library document containing the firm’s knowledge – information to be shared with all users. Using a Knowledge Library, this knowledge can be distributed to users so that they can automatically update active documents with the organization’s latest knowledge.

This option gives the most flexibility because any file may be specified as the comparative and the comparison criteria to be used may also be specified. An excellent application of this option is comparison to prior financial statements to identify unusual financial results to investigate further.

It is possible to compare a document by using the Compare command. Specify the document that is to act as the comparative as well as the way that the documents are compared. When comparing in the Form Mode, the hidden paragraphs can be ignored when determining whether two sections or documents are different.

When in a CaseView document, comparisons can be made to previous milestones, Knowledge Library links and to other files. For the example of comparing to another CaseView document, the sections, if labeled by Section Label, will be flagged by the Section Comparison Results dialog. By clicking a highlighted section, the paragraph with the differences is highlighted in the Comparison dialog. Thus, the highlighted paragraphs indicate the differences between the current version and the other version. While in the Comparison dialog, click the Next Diff or Prev Diff buttons to click through the differences or click the "Print" button to print the document. To the right of the screen, the user also has other options to replace the difference, flag the section or close the screen.

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