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Introducing CaseView

CaseView is a part of the CaseWare® Working Papers suite of products. CaseView is a revolutionary tool that takes any type of document or working paper, including client ready financial statements, to top-notch publishing quality. CaseView incorporates real-time linkages to any account properties and amounts in Working Papers. Adjust a journal entry and it immediately updates any corresponding linked amounts and totals. CaseView documents also include portions of text, be it a materiality guideline form, audit procedures and questionnaires, client representation letter, or a comprehensive financial statement.

CaseView's "smart technology" supports full object-oriented decision logic to automate formatting, rounding, diagnostics, account amounts, text, account balances, information from another CaseView document, and even financial statement notes.

CaseView is installed with Working Papers and shares the same minimum system requirements. To launch CaseView, simply double-click a CaseView document in the Working Papers document manager. CaseView documents have a icon.

To become more familiar with CaseView's basic functionality, please review the following topics:

  • About Navigation outlines the methods of movement throughout CaseView using the mouse and keyboard.
  • About the modes of CaseView discusses the differences between Design mode where the document's contents are typically built and Form mode where the final touches may be applied.
  • About document management covers the basics of working with the CaseView documents themselves such as creating, opening, and saving documents, as well as tips on how to build dynamic documents which can be adapted to suit the needs a variety of clients
  • About cells, paragraphs, tables, and sections gives the basis for file structure. Cells link to information in Working Papers and are contained within paragraphs and tables, which are themselves a part of sections. Each area may be formatted, allowing control over a single linked balance or the entire document as a whole.

For a list of new features in CaseView, click here.