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Modifying The Address Type to Use

It is possible to switch between the client, client group, staff, or contact lists as the source for the label and envelope addresses at any time. This is done through the Document Properties dialog. Click images\tcvdocprop_shg.gif  to access it from CaseView.

It is also possible to change the order in which the addresses appear or use the From and To fields to limit the list to just part of the list. Settings made here control the operation of the selection toolbar and the arrow keys () in CaseView.

  1. Select the applicable CaseView document on the Document Manager.
  2. Click images\tcvdocprop_shg.gif  on the Time toolbar to access the CaseView Document Properties dialog for the document.
  3. In the Grouping box, select the type of content for the document. For example, select Client to print client names and addresses on the document.
  4. In the Order box, select the order for the document.
  5. If applicable, use the From and To boxes to exclude any entries (Group, Client, or Staff) that are outside the range specified.
  6. If applicable, enter a filter in the Filter box. To build filter calculations easily, use the Equation Editor. Click images\eqedit_shg.gif  to access it.

For example, if a Grouping of Client is selected with an Order of Number, the Client toolbar will be sorted in this order. Clicking the arrow keys will advance the client information on the labels or envelopes through the list by client number order.

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