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In Financials, you can use the CL - Organization standards document to specify the organization standard for the use of underlines in financial statements. This includes underline color and type, and whether to apply underlines to table headings, spaces between columns, and columns that are not numeric.

You can lock any of the defined underline properties to ensure that they cannot be changed by users. This helps you ensure that financial statements generated from client files based on your template are consistent in appearance.

The Underline pane lists all of the underline options and types that can be used in the financial statements. This pane contains two tables:

  • The Options table, which defines the properties of underlines.

  • The Available table, which defines the underline thickness and to make underline types available to users.

The following underline options are available in the Options table:

Option Description
Underline color The underline color to use. The drop-down lists the colors that are available.
Underline type The underline type list is generated based on the Available table and is a finite list of the types of underlines available for use in a client file. This option only changes the options available to the end user and does not automatically update in the client financial statements.
Apply table heading border to Whether to apply the underline to the top of the table heading border, the bottom, both, or neither. If you select Default, an underline is added to the top and bottom of the heading.
Heading border underline type The underline type to use for heading borders. If you select Default, the Single underline type is used. This is a finite list populated by the Available table.
Underline space between columns Whether the space between columns should be underlined or left blank.
Include table heading If the option Underline space between columns is set to No, this option becomes available. Specify whether the space between columns in just Table headings is underlined or not.
Columns to underline in statements Whether to underline all columns, including alphanumeric columns, or numeric columns only.
Total row underline type The underline type to use for total rows (the last subtotal row).

The following underline types are provided in the Available table:

  • Single
  • Single (Heavy)
  • Fine dots
  • Dotted
  • Dash
  • Double

For each of these underline types. you can specify the underline thickness to use. You can also make any underline type except Single and Single (Heavy) unavailable to users.