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Troubleshooting Installations

  • Make sure that you have write privileges in the directories specified for the installation.
  • Make sure that there is enough free disk space on the hard drive to meet the system requirements.
  • Refer to the Norton AntiVirus™ section below if you receive a message indicating a malicious script being detected.

Norton AntiVirus™

If you are using Norton AntiVirus and running Financials, you may receive a warning from Norton that a malicious script has been detected. This warning tells you that a running program is creating documents on your system. Since this is how Financials generates many of its files, Norton AntiVirus identifies Financials as a potential problem. The first time that the message appears, select the option Authorize this Script to tell Norton that it is a trusted application. This prevents any future alerts when using Financials. Note that activities by the FileSystemObject continue to be monitored, so any worms using this object will still be detected.