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Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing CaseWare® Financials.

There is some general information below about Financials and instructions for those installing for the first time.

If you have existing client files and you are upgrading your version of Financials, installing a customized template, or updating a template or client file, choose one of the options to the right to find the appropriate installation information for your situation.

Introduction to Financials

System Requirements

Getting Technical Support

End User License Agreement

Customized Financials Templates

Updates are published periodically by CaseWare International and our Global Distributors.Template Authors must repackage an updated template installer that includes the template updates along with their customizations. Users then install this version of the template update, update each of their client files, and complete their engagements for the year.

Click one of the buttons below to display the help for users or for template authors.