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CaseWare Cloud

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  • Integration with CaseWare Cloud

    CaseWare Cloud is a platform that introduces many of your favorite Working Papers features as web services; available on demand from your preferred device or computer.

  • About Syncing Engagement Properties with CaseWare Cloud

    When Working Papers is integrated with CaseWare Cloud, entity properties in Cloud can be synchronized with the engagement properties in Working Papers.

  • Cloud tab

    The Cloud tab is used to manage the sync status of files located on the Cloud, resolve sync conflicts, set up review on the go, repair sync files, view engagement and entity properties, and share cloud security permissions.

  • See the Working Papers related topics in the CaseWare Cloud Help

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  • Working Papers security can be managed from Cloud to simplify the administration of users and file permissions across your firm.

  • Considerations before using Cloud Security

    Prior to enabling Cloud security, review the list of COM functions that are not supported with Cloud security. And ensure your files and templates are not affected.

  • Working Papers file permissions with default Cloud roles

    The default roles in Cloud include the Viewer role and Editor role. These roles partially correspond to the Read and Read/Write file permissions in Windows. Depending on whether you are using Cloud security, and whether you have published or integrated your Working Papers file, these roles can have different implications for your file.