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-- How Do I? --

Exporting to GoSystem Tax

  • Set the Tax Jurisdiction, Tax Entity, and Tax Vendor information in the Engagement Properties dialog. >>How Do I?
  • Assign tax export codes to accounts or enter the relevant codes in the Tax Code column of the Working Trial Balance | Tax tab. >>How Do I?
  • After a year-end close, you should review the tax codes assigned for any now obsolete tax codes, so that they can be reassigned to active tax codes instead. Working Papers updates the program for available tax codes every year.
  • There were no changes to tax codes in the 2016 tax year.

  1. Open the Working Papers client file from which you would like to export.

  2. On the Engagement tab, in the Data Group, click Export | Tax Software.... The Export to Tax Software dialog will open.

  3. From the Tax Software drop-down, select GoSystem Tax.
  4. Complete the remaining fields of the dialog. >>Quick Reference
  5. Click OK to process the export. If there are any errors or problems during export, an export log file appears. Review the log and resolve the issues before rerunning the export.

Working Papers creates a filename.ft file, where filename represents the name entered in the Export Filename field. This file can be imported into GoSystem Tax. >>How Do I?

Note: The top-level company name and address will be included for all tax exports. If you are exporting entity-specific data from a consolidated file, you will need to modify the company name and address in the tax package once the import to the tax package is complete.