Creating a SQL Data Store

You can create a SQL Data Store from the Data Sore Connection Wizard. We recommend SQL Data Stores for large offices (more than 50 users) or for any office that has an existing Microsoft SQL Server.

Before creating a Data Store, ensure that all users attached to the Data Store have read, write, and delete permissions for the directory and server.

  1. From the Data Store Administration Tool, click Create.... The Data Store Creation Wizard opens.
  2. Select New SQL Data Store, then click Next.

  3. Complete the fields in the SQL Server Data dialog, then click Next.

    1. Select the appropriate SQL product.
    2. Select or enter a server name. The drop-down list contains all available servers on the company network.
      Note: The wizard will try to connect to the default SQL Server instance. If you want to connect to a non-default instance, you must qualify the server name with the username and either the instance name (separated by a backslash, such as GARY1\SQL2015) or the IP address or port number (separated by a comma, such as GARY1, 49795).
    3. Enter a unique database name. If possible, it should indicate that this is a Working Papers database.
      Note: Ensure that the Auto Close property for the database is set to False. See Turning off Auto Close in the SQL Server for more information.
    4. Select either Network Server SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication and enter the information you will need to log on to the server.
      Note: If Windows Authentication is selected, the sup login may not be recognized as administrator. You will need to add a login in SQL Server Management Studio.
  4. Select a server location. You can either use the default location or enter a custom path.

  5. Select the type of Data Store you want to create, then select Next.

    • To create a new and empty Data Store, select Create a blank Data Store.

    • To import data from an existing Data Store, select Import from existing Data Store. If you select the Import Users and Groups option, you must also provide the import location, the administrator user name, and password.

  6. Enter a Database ID. Please record it in case the Data Store needs to be recreated. Click Next.

  7. (Optional) Enter a Security ID. If entered, please record it in case the Data Store needs to be recreated. Click Next.

  8. Enter a path or Browse to a location to save the connection (.cwc) file. Click Next to open the confirmation dialog. For more information on connection files, see Creating Connection Files.

  9. Click Finish.

Your Data Store is created. The .cwc connection file is available in the location you specified.

For instructions on connecting to the Data Store, see Connecting to a Data Store.

  • The connection files created by administrators can be used to connect or disconnect from Data Stores by double-clicking the connection or disconnection file.
  • Ensure your SQL Server is configured to accept remote connections before connecting to a Data Store or else users may experience difficulty connecting to the store. To enable remote connections, you need to run the SQL Server Configuration Manager tool (bundled with the SQL Server installation package) and, in SQL Server Network Configuration | Protocols for 'Your SQL Instance Name', make sure TCP/IP is enabled.