Creating an xBase Data Store

Before creating a Data Store, ensure that each person who will be attached to the Data Store has read, write, and delete permissions for the directory and server.

  1. From the Data Store Administration Tool, click Create.... The Data Store Creation Wizard opens.
  2. Select New xBase Data Store, then click Next.

  3. In the Folder field, enter a path or Browse to specify the location where you want to create the Data Store. You can select a drive-mapped location (such as m:\CompanyData) or a UNC (such as \\sharedserver\store). It is important that all users who need to attach to the store have full rights (read/write/delete) to the network location. When you've entered a location, select Next.

  4. Note: If a store already exists at the specified location or if the directory you specified cannot be created, an error message will appear.

  5. Select the type of data store you want to create, then select Next.

    • To create a new and empty Data Store, select Create a blank Data Store.

    • To import data from an existing Data Store, select Import from existing Data Store. If you select the Import Users and Groups option, you must also provide the import location, the administrator user name, and password.

  6. Enter a Database ID. Please record it in case the Data Store needs to be recreated. Click Next.

  7. (Optional) Enter a Security ID. If entered, please record it in case the Data Store needs to be recreated. Click Next.

  8. Enter a path or Browse to a location to save the connection (.cws) file. Click Next to view the confirmation dialog.

  9. Click Finish.

Your Data Store is created. The .cws connection file is available in the location you specified.

For instructions on connecting to the Data Store, see Connecting to a Data Store.