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Tagging with footnotes

Some data elements may require an explanation that is not represented in the taxonomy. To provide this explanation, you can tag relevant content for use as a footnote, then associate applicable data elements to it.

First, you must create a footnote to associate with relevant content.

To add a footnote:

  1. From the Tools tab, click XBRL | Footnotes....

  2. In the XBRL Footnotes dialog, click New. The XBRL Footnote Settings dialog displays.

  3. Set a label and language for the footnote.

    Click OK.

The footnote is added to the global footnotes list and can be associated with content.

To associate a footnote with a document content:

  1. Open the XBRL Footnotes dialog (Tools | XBRL | Footnotes...).
  2. Click on the target cell or paragraph in the document window, then check the footnote(s) from the list in the XBRL Footnotes dialog. Click Close.

After associating the footnote with content, you can associate tagged data elements with one or more footnotes.

To associate tags with a footnote:

  1. From the Tools tab, click XBRL | Tags....

  2. In the XBRL Document Tagging dialog, tag the document as required.

  3. Click on the Footnotes drop-down menu, then click Select footnotes for this tag. A dialog displays with a list of available footnotes. Check the footnote(s) that you want to associate the currently selected tag.

    Click OK to close the Available Footnotes dialog, then OK again if required.

The tag now references the footnote that is associated with relevant content.

Note: Footnotes support multi-language tagging. You can add multiple footnotes with the same label, but different language codes. When you tag the footnote label, the associated content will be stated in each of the footnote languages.