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About SmartSync Server

SmartSync Server maintains your files in a central location on your network, so you can access your files anywhere without the need for VPN. If your organization is interested in SmartSync Server, please contact us at

ISAPI Server Component

Most organizations will not require any additional hardware to implement SmartSync Server. Simply install SmartSync Server as an add-on to your current web server to get started.

SmartSync File Traffic

After installing SmartSync Server, all SmartSync traffic within your organization transmits through it. By utilizing the latest web services technology, SmartSync synchronizes your files from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Pass-Through Authentication

SmartSync Server authenticates users by leveraging your existing Windows Active Directory system; you don't require additional passwords or credentials. If a user can log onto their computer, then they can access SmartSync Server.


To ensure confidentiality, SmartSync Server supports SSL and HTTPS encryption. All file updates synchronized through SmartSync Server are encrypted during transmission, so your client information stays safe even when you're working off-site.