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Merge Pages

If text or tables spill-over to another page in the Print Preview window and you want them to display on a single page, you can merge the pages.

To merge pages:

  1. On the ribbon, click File | Print | Print Preview.
  2. Determine the page numbers of the pages you want to merge. To help determine the page numbers, you can modify the settings in the View Layout group.
  3. In the Fit group, enter the first and last page numbers to merge. Click Merge pages.

The page content merges, reducing the page count by one. If you specified a larger range of pages, you can click Merge pages again to reduce the page count further.


  • Text and tables in the merged pages will shrink in size to fit into a single page. Ensure that the content is still legible before printing.
  • You cannot merge pages if the text size would be reduced below 6pt, or if the pages contain a Page Break.
  • Pages will only display as merged in the current Print Preview instance. Closing Print Preview will reset the pages to the original layout.

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