Showing or hiding the ruler

When you are viewing a financial statement area, you can specify options that control how the statement area is viewed.

When you are in a Firm Library document for a financial statement area, you can display a ruler at the top of the document. This ruler is located in the Home tab in the Ribbon, and displays the structure of the row containing the current cell. On the ruler, space reserved for table columns is indicated in white.


To view the content for a financial statement area, you will need to have specified the content to be viewed. See Adding and organizing content for more details.

For details on how to open a Firm Library document to view a financial statement area, see Accessing a financial statement area.


  1. Open the Firm Library document for the area. See the section Accessing a financial statement area for details on how to do this.
  2. In the Firm Library document, in the Home tab, in the View group, click Show Ruler () .
  3. Click again to hide the ruler.


The ruler is displayed or hidden as selected.