The Do-It-Yourself table format allows you to customize the look and functionality of a table. Along with the usual menu options provided for a Caseware Financials table, the Do-It-Yourself table format enables you to:

  • Insert and delete columns
  • Specify column type attributes
  • Modify reporting period characteristics
  • Create your own custom column calculation
  • Access the CaseView Table and Cell Property dialogs
  • Customize table headings
  • Apply styles
  • Insert cells
  • Input paragraph text
  • Insert a previously created DIY table below another or the same DIY table
  • Link DIY tables to schedules and statements

Adding new content based on the Do-It-Yourself table format is no different than inserting any other format. Simply select the Do-It-Yourself table format when selecting your base content.

Note: Due to the level of sophistication users are allowed to impose on a custom table, the Do-It-Yourself table feature is not affected by column display and ordering settings provided in the CL - Organization standards document and the configuration options in the financial statements.