Editing a Cell in a Do-It-Yourself Table

Financials provides functionality that enables you to edit cells in Do-It-Yourself tables.


For more information on creating Do-It-Yourself tables, see Creating Do-It-Yourself content or notes.

Customizing Roll Forward Settings

The roll forward options are used to modify the value of a cell during a year end close, particularly for input cells in the numeric columns that change from year to year. Ordinarily, if you create a numeric column based on a calculation, the balances automatically update during a year end close. However, other columns may require users to manually enter figures into input cells when data is not included or available in the trial balance, such as share prices or repayment schedules. The Do-It-Yourself Table format allows you to customize the roll forward setting for any of its numeric cells.


  1. In the Do-It-Yourself table, double-click the cell whose roll forward settings you want to modify. The Edit Cell dialog appears.
  2. In the Properties pane, select Roll Forward.
  3. In the Roll Forward pane, update the settings as needed.


The roll forward settings are updated.

Selecting a Style for a Do-It-Yourself Table Cell

In a Do-It-Yourself table, you can select the style to use for a specific cell.


  1. Click on the cell for which you want to select the style.
  2. In the toolbar, click (Modify Styles and Formatting).
  3. In the Styles and Formatting dialog box, from the Paragraph Style drop-down, select the style to use for the cell.

    Note: The Preview pane contains sample text in the style you are selecting, and the Description pane provides a detailed description of the style formatting.

  4. Click Apply Style.
  5. Click Close.


The selected style is applied to the cell.

Note: You can also select a style from the drop-down in the CaseView toolbar.