Check for updates

Using the library technology in Financials, template authors can manage how content changes are replicated to the financial statements for end users. Within the Check for updates section, you select the options that best represent how updates should be handled in engagement client files. The options include:

Option Description
Method to use "check for updates" replacement

Use Visual Merge – when selected, this option opens a comparison window showing the content before and after the update.

Use direct replace – no comparison window opens.

Use assistance

Yes – the update process will attempt to maintain user customizations while adding in changes from the library. Not all user customizations can be retained on update.

No – the content in the client file will be replaced with the library version. Client customizations are not retained.

The Visual Merge, used in combination with Use assistance set to Yes, is a good way to reduce the amount of re-work that may be necessary after a content update. While the update process that is performed when Use assistance is set to Yes does attempt to preserve all end user customization, some changes, such as the addition of columns, cannot be maintained during the update process. The Visual Merge window is an intermediary step that gives end users a way to quickly add in any customization before the update process is completed.