Knowledge Library dialog

The Knowledge Library dialog enables you to select one or more content items from the Knowledge Library. It appears whenever:

  • You open a firm library document and select Select Available Content from the Home tab
  • You open a firm library document other than Notes to the Financial Statements and you select Add New Firm Content from the Home tab

The top pane of the Knowledge Library dialog consists of a tree-based structure that lists all of the content contained in the Knowledge Library for the financial statement area that you are editing. If you have opened this dialog in the Notes to the Financial Statements firm library document, a dialog box above the top pane enables you select whether to view all notes, new notes, or notes with an effective date.

In the bottom pane, if the Preview Content check box and the Section Preview tab are selected, a preview of the content selected in the top pane is displayed. The Section Description tab provides a description of this content if it is available.

The Knowledge Library dialog also includes the following buttons:

Button Description
Expand All/Collapse All Click Expand All to expand the tree-based structure in the top pane and display all available content. Click Collapse All to collapse the tree-based structure. Only one of Expand All or Collapse All is available at any given time.
Find Use CaseView's Find capability to locate content in the tree-based structure.