Note Organization

Notes are organized into categories and sub-categories that define the placement of the note within the financial statements. Notes are categorized between Significant Accounting Policies and Note disclosures and then sub-categorized into financial statement areas. Further categorization is done within the financial statement areas. This organization makes it easy for end users to find notes within the Knowledge Library Index to add to the financial statements.

The Knowledge Library Index is a view of the content contained within the libraries. The index is the mechanism by which end users choose content from the libraries to add to their client files.

As the template author, you can add content into the existing categories, or you can create new categories on the fly.

Financials provides six note libraries in which template authors can add content. Having six libraries makes it easy to manage your content in the template. You may choose to organize your libraries by financial statement area - have all asset notes in one library - or, if you perform work in different industries, you may choose to split the note content into the different libraries. To optimize performance, the best practice is to split the content into the different libraries.