Financials includes the ability to create multiple versions of the financial statements in the template. Organizations may operate in different industries or jurisdictions that may have different reporting requirements. Additional financial statements can also be created to meet quarterly, monthly, or half-yearly reporting needs.

Template authors can create different formats and layouts in the financial statement area library documents to meet these reporting needs. They can then generate multiple sets of financial statements in the template so that end users start with the financial statement version applicable to their reporting needs.


Due to the complexity of the financial statement template, authors cannot copy and paste the financial statements in the Document Manager to create another instance. The Multi-Financials feature enables you to create multiple versions of the financial statements within the template. This provides template authors with the ability to deliver pre-formatted options to end users to meet industry, jurisdiction, and periodic reporting requirements and reduces the amount of setup needed in individual client files.

Multi-Financials will copy the contents of the financial reports folder, including the worksheets, and will create a new folder on the Document Manager. The newly created set of financial statements will function independently of the original and can be set to have completely different content than the original. The folder and document names can be re-named and renumbered, but the document ID should not be changed.