Creating a copy of the financial statements

If necessary, you can create a copy of the financial statements to meet your reporting requirements.


Any copy of the financial statements that you create will use the options that you have specified for the original financial statements.


  1. From the Document Manager, select the icon on the Template Toolbar. If this toolbar is not visible, from the View menu, select Toolbars and Template Toolbar to display it.
  2. In the Create Financial Statements dialog, select the Financial Reports radio button. This will copy the original set of financial statements. (If you have created a copy of the financial statements, and want to make a copy of this copy, select its radio button instead.)
  3. Click OK.


The new copy of the financial statements is created.

Note: CaseView must be closed before the process can run. It may take several minutes to create the new set of financial statements.

If you are setting up the statements for different reporting periods, the Period drop-down in the Document Properties must be set to the appropriate period.