Financials Workflow

The workflow is the process that you, as the template author, follow when using Financials to customize your template and prepare content for the engagement teams that will use your template.

As the template author, you will need to perform the following tasks or provide the following information when using Financials:

  • Organization settings, including contact information, staffing permissions, and the mapping and groupings to use
  • General settings for the financial statements
  • Branding, the overall look of the financial statements, including logos, formatting, themes, and page setup
  • Content creation and editing, including entity management, supplying new content, restricting access to content, editing tables, lines, and cells within content, defining linkages, and creating and editing notes
  • Generating sample financial statements to give end users a starting point
  • Repackaging and distributing the modified Financials template for use by your staff