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Introduction to Financials

CaseWare® Financials is designed to assist users in meeting industry, regulatory, and financial statement presentation and disclosure standards while enabling you to customize the financial statements to meet the needs of specific entities. Presentation styles and formats are separate from content and can be set globally to ensure that each individual financial statement incorporates your organization’s standards.

Financials can be used as is, or it can easily be customized by your organization and the installation repackaged for distribution to all end users. If you choose to customize the template, you can modify content to your firm’s requirements and set how much flexibility to give users to modify the firm’s standards. See the Getting Started section for more details on installing Financials.

Financials provides an extensive number of formats and sample notes. It is the accountant’s responsibility to ensure the examples chosen are modified for a particular entity to ensure compliance with required disclosure standards in your jurisdiction.

When working in the Financials template, the software can be used by two user types. The first type is the Author or Template Author, who customizes the content in the master template and repackages the template for distribution to the organization's staff. The second type is the User or Engagement Team, who works on client files, either based on the master template or incorporate documents from the master template brought in through the document library.

This online help system applies to all Financials products. Not all features are available in all products.