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Using Collated Report

The collated report is used to collate all of the reports into a package that can be provided to various stakeholders.

Configuring the Collated Report Properties


  1. To specify the client name, in the Client name field, select or type in the client name to use.
  2. To use single or multiple page entries, from the Pages drop-down, select either Single page entry or Multiple page entry.
  3. In Presentation, select between one column or two column printing.
  4. Include or exclude the default cover page by setting the Include cover page option.
  5. Select an applicable Page Setup and whether to add Logos to the Cover Page or Table of Contents.
  6. Select the Include Cover Page option to hide/show the cover page.
  7. Click Configuration to assign table of contents organize the notes into the appropriate heading. Drag and drop unassigned areas to an available headings/sub-headings in the Table of Contents Configuration dialog.
  8. Click Print Options to specify which areas to print.

Inserting External Documents, Page Break or Blank Page


  1. From the Operations group, click Insert and select from the following options.
  2. Option Description
    Page Break Inserts a page break before the paragraph.
    Blank Page

    Inserts a blank page with a "This page intentionally left blank" message.

    Tip: You can quickly delete the page by clicking the button.

    External Document Section Inserts an external document section. For more information, see Adding External Documents.

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