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What's New - Working Papers

The following describes the features and fixes for Working Papers 2019 and related products.

Working Papers


  • We've introduced the Customer Experience Improvement Program to Working Papers. With this program, we collect usage data so that we can better understand the user journey in our software. Our intended use of this data is to drive development toward high value features and fixes; we do not collect personally identifiable information or client data and we will not use any data for marketing purposes.

    Note: The Customer Experience Improvement Program is optional and you can opt-out at any time.

Cloud Integration

  • Working Papers now integrates with Cloud's Queries feature. By linking Queries to your engagement file, your organization can collaborate with clients on the engagement directly from Working Papers. To create or link a Queries file in Working Papers, click Cloud | Open.

    The Cloud tab of the Working Papers ribbon with the Queries Open option highlighted

    Note: This feature is only available to users who have licensed their region's Queries product. Contact your local distributor for licensing details.

Data Store Administration Tool

  • Improved performance when managing Global Protection settings for large Active Directory groups.


  • Graphs and ratios now print with the associated leadsheet automatic document if the Graphs view is enabled. You can preview graphs and ratios in Print Preview.

  • Changing the properties of an automatic document, such as the Period or Balance Type, now automatically updates the associated graph and ratios in the Graphs view.


  • Working Papers now supports imports from the following software versions:

    • EXACT Online (All versions)
    • MYOB AccountRight Live 2017, 2018, 2019
    • Pastel Partner v.18
    • Pervasive SQL v.13
    • ProSystem fx Engagement 2017.2
    • QuickBooks 2019 (Canada)
    • QuickBooks 2019 (USA)
    • Sage 50 2019 (Canada)
    • Sage 50 2019 (USA)
    • Sage 50 Accounts 2019 (UK)
    • Sage Business Vision 2019
  • Imports from E-conomic Online Accounting now include additional client profile information such as the client's address and contact information.

  • Added support for Poland Auditfile XML file imports. You can access the new Import Wizard from Engagement | Import | Auditfile XML File (Poland).

  • When importing entities from an ASCII or Excel file to a consolidated file, added entities are now sorted by Entity Abbreviation. This default sorting method makes it easier to organize new entities.


  • Issues can now be assigned multiple issue types. Assign all applicable issue types to further define an issue's criteria and improve discoverability when searching for issues with a filter.


  • Link multiple documents simultaneously when adding a document reference to automatic documents, images and PDFs, or Microsoft Office documents, rather than one at a time.

SmartSync Server

  • SmartSync Server parent files can now be renamed from Working Papers using a local sync copy. Before you can rename a parent file, all other staff must delete their sync copies first, otherwise they will be abandoned.

  • Increased the threshold that determines when to flush a file on a SmartSync Server. Users can now configure their own flush threshold.


  • Fixed an issue that would hide various line items in the Tax Trial Balance document after switching entities from the context menu.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the CaseWare Agent from displaying when working in a document with updated tax codes.

  • Fixed an issue where local copies of Cloud integrated files would become inaccessible when working offline.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Cloud Login dialog to display twice when Working Papers is integrated with CaseWare Cloud.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating sync copies from compressed parent files.

  • Fixed an issue where GIFI codes would be missing from the Trial Balance after importing data from SigaFinance.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from importing more than a single period's transactions from MYOB AccountRight Live.

  • Fixed an issue where Working Papers would stop responding when attempting to export adjustments to E-Soft.

  • Fixed an issue where the Graphs pane would only display top-level entities in a consolidated file.



  • Improved multi-user access in the Knowledge Library. A team of template authors can now contribute to the development of a template without the need to exit files that other authors want to update.

  • Template authors can now implement modeless HTML dialogs using the Launch HTML Dialog event. With modeless HTML dialogs, users can continue working in the CaseView document while the dialog is open, rather than forcing them to close it first.


  • Added the CVIDEA cell function. Use this function to display information from a CaseWare IDEA .imd file in your document. If the .imd file is modified, any linked documents will automatically update.

  • The ENTABBR cell function now supports a greater variety of calculations in the extended description of a consolidated entity.

History and Milestones

  • Improved milestone comparison to better support comparison of tables, images and graphs. These objects should no longer display distorted or blank in the Visual Compare dialog.


  • Improved text scaling on monitors with 4K resolution.

  • Added a new assortment of icons to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). When configuring a custom QAT button, click Appearance to select a new icon.

  • Extended the duration in which tooltips display to improve usability.


  • Improved the functionality of lists in CaseView. You can now create multi-level lists with customized settings for each list level, including the option to alternate between bulleted and numbered lists. After customizing a multi-level list, you can save it for reuse in CaseView documents.


  • When viewing the Print Preview of a document, you can now merge the content from a specified range of pages to reduce the page count. This option is useful in instances where text or tables are spilling over to the next page.


  • You can now apply or remove multiple Rounding Relations simultaneously, rather than one-by-one. In the Rounding dialog, select multiple relations in the Relation List and click Apply This Relation to toggle between applied and removed.


  • In XBRL Review mode, clicking on a cell or paragraph now displays footnote information to help content creators determine where XBRL footnotes are tagged.


  • Fixed an issue where embedding external documents into a CaseView document would result in reduced performance or crashes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused bar graphs to display data in the opposite order of what was labeled.

  • Fixed an issue where CaseView documents with embedded PDFs would print darker and more saturated than expected.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented watermarks on printed documents from displaying properly centered.

  • Fixed an issue where CaseView would stop responding when attempting to preview a missing document in the Knowledge Library.

  • Fixed an issue where exported tags split across multiple Inline XBRL elements would result in a syntax error.


File Management

  • Perform a year end close and roll forward on one or multiple local files directly from Tracker. Performing a bulk year end close enables you to generate multiple new files for the next year simultaneously.

  • When performing a bulk file conversion, the Cannot Convert File dialog now displays at the end of the conversion process, rather than after each failed file. This prevents a failed conversion from interrupting the conversion process. You can view failed conversions afterward in the conversion log file.

  • Streamlined the local file scan process to reduce completion time.

SmartSync Server

  • You can now compress and uncompress SmartSync Server parent files from Tracker.

  • Added confirmation dialogs when selecting the following commands to prevent accidental modifications to SmartSync Server files:

    • Abandon all sync copies
    • Abandon specific sync copies
    • Clear synchronization info
    • Delete server copy
    • Repair server copy

    Result summaries for these commands have also been improved.

  • Improved how the Location column displays sync copy information when the Display SmartSync copies under location field option is enabled.

    The location column of the Tracker file list with sync copies listed individually


  • Fixed an issue where deleted SmartSync Server files would be re-added to Tracker when scanning the server for files.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Tracker to stop responding when two different versions of the application were installed on a single workstation.