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Report settings

Customize how you present the percent of sales, retained earnings, rounding, divisions and foreign exchange for your reports.

To access the Settings for Reports dialog, on the ribbon, click Account | Trial Balance, then in the Trial Balance window, click Settings.

Option Description
Calculating % of sales (denominator)

Select the account number for the denominator in the percentage of sales calculation on the Income Statement. You can use a Prime Posting account or a Control account.

For example, sales would be 100% and the expense accounts would each be a percentage of sales.

Opening retained earnings

Type or select the account number for opening retained earnings. During a year end close, Working Papers automatically creates a closing entry by posting all Income Statement balances to retained earnings.

Click Multiple if you are distributing the retained earning balance to more than one account.

Rounding difference for

Enter account numbers for any rounding differences when viewing or printing the draft financial statement documents. Control accounts can be used as rounding accounts, but depending on the Report setup, might not give the appropriate result.

  • Balance Sheet: To ensure proper rounding, the account number used must be included in the main Balance Sheet.
  • Income Statement: To ensure proper rounding, the account number used must be included in the main Income Statement.
  • Statement of Cash Flow: To ensure proper rounding, the account number used must be included in the main Statement of Cash Flow.
  • Foreign Exchange: Select the account number to record the gain or loss resulting from the foreign currency translation.
To Specify the degree of rounding (dollars, thousands, millions). You can set rounding for both current year and prior year balances.
For balance calculations

Select which CaseView linkage calculation to use the rounding. Only linkage calculations matching the balance type specified (Consolidated, Report, Adjusted, etc.) are rounded. All other linkage calculations remain unchanged.

Include adjustments to Allow the inclusion of adjustments from maps/groups. Adjustments to the selected map/group are rounded and included in the Rounding difference accounts. For prior years, you can include the same map/group adjustments as selected for the current year.
Number of divisions or additional companies If applicable, enter the number of divisions or companies used in the draft financial statements to account for several companies in a file.
Decimals for Foreign Exchange Rates (2-8) Indicate the number of digits used for the foreign exchange rate. You can select between 2 and 8 digits.