Run a health check

The health check task scans your engagement files for issues and inconsistencies, such as incorrect CaseView database versions, incorrect client file versions and missing documents.

To run a health check:

  1. On the Tasks list, click Health Check.
  2. (Optional) Select Filter by Year End Date to filter your engagement files by the year end date. The health check will only run on files within the specified date range.
  3. Do not select any of the Auto Fix Options until you've performed the initial health check. The resultant report will inform you if you need to rerun the health check with one of these options selected.
  4. Click Next.
  5. A list of engagement files displays based on your directory and filter configurations.

    Category Description
    Name Displays the name of the Working Papers file.

    Displays a brief description of why updates are not available or supported. The following are examples of analysis results:

    • Locked down
    • Client file version lower than minimum supported Template version
    • Client file already on the latest version of the Template
    • File Signed Out
    • File Checked Out
    • Year End Date out of specified range
    • Unknown Version
    • Incorrect Username/Password

    Deselect any files that you do not want to include in the health check.

  6. Click Next to run the health check.

    Note: You can click Cancel at any time to stop the health check process and generate the report from only the completed files.

  7. A summary of the health check displays. Click View Report to view the results in greater detail.

The health check report may list recommended fixes for files where an issue has been found. To resolve these issues, select the applicable fix from the Auto Fix Options and run another health check.