-- Firm Author --

Document Manager

The Working Papers Document Manager is a dynamic list of documents that make up a template or client file. The document manager in Audit is designed to flow from top to bottom in the way a traditional paper based audit file would be filed. You can:

  • Add, delete and move documents or folders

  • Expand or collapse folders

  • Change document properties

  • Associate specific tags to documents

  • Tag documents and create filters

  • Show or hide columns

  • Create placeholder entries for external documents that do not currently exist

Audit contains specific documents and folders for the customization process and makes use of the Working Papers tagging feature.

Located near the end of the Document Manager are the New Master Documents folder and the Control Documents folder. The Control Documents folder contains two documents the Firm will work through to customize the template for their specific needs. The New Master Documents folder provides the Firm Author with the ability to create firm-specific content using the advanced documents used by Audit.