-- Firm Author --

Creating a Firm Customized Template

Follow this process when creating a Firm-customized template:

  1. Review the content included in the master file. You may prefer to maintain the default content provided and not make any of your own changes. In that case, just distribute the original installation provided by Caseware; there is no need to repackage.

  2. Customize any of the content in the Master file for your firm standards. Add all other firm documents (i.e. Planning, controls, wrap-up etc.) to the Document Manager in the appropriate folders.

  3. If you implement the dashboard, link all applicable documents.

  4. Repackage the customized template. You can lock the customized procedures prior to distributing to the users. Upon repackaging the file you create is a .cwp file.

  5. Distribute the repackaged installation (.cwp file) to your users. The user then installs and applies the firm-customized version of the template to the client files.

Important Note:

  • If you make changes in the General Options document in a Document Library, you must replace this document in each of the separate master files for them to be identical.

  • If you choose to customize the template, all of the master files must be repackaged and distributed together to your engagement teams.