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Highlighting Procedures

The Highlight Options feature under the Document menu allows you to review procedures highlighted for various states. Highlighting is helpful before or with Check for Updates. When selected, highlighting will mark specific procedures with a distinctive color and outline style around specific procedures. This helps to identify changes the firm may wish to review. Procedures can be highlighted as follows:

Item Description Highlight Color

Updated Procedures

Procedures updated through check for updates.

Inserted Procedures

Procedures inserted after the document was initially created.

Out of Date Procedures

Procedures where there is a more current version available in the content library.

To highlight procedures:

  1. From the Document Manager, open the work program or checklist you wish to review.
  2. From the Document menu, select Display Highlight Options.
  3. Select the Highlight Options as shown.
  4. Review the highlighted procedures that were previously changed.

You have set the highlight options. You can also remove procedure highlighting by resetting the procedure status (Author | Reset Procedure Status). Resetting the procedure status is useful if an engagement team is creating a new client file and does not need to know what changes have been made to the updated template.