-- Firm Author --

Configuring and Customizing Forms

There are many forms in Audit that are used to provide settings and complete various processes. The areas below provide information for Firm Authors who are settings up these forms for users.

Form Settings

The Form Settings section contains information on common settings used in various forms. Items covered in this section include firm information and logo, the materiality worksheet, document prerequisites, and document properties.


Placeholders for standard letters are included in the template. Firms can add their own wording to meet requirements for their relevant jurisdictions and firm preferences. Additional letters can be created using an existing letter as a base.

Work Programs

Standard work programs that cover the main engagement areas are included with the template. Work programs can be created and modified to include procedures specific to the firm standards. Industry specific procedures can also be authored for use by the end user.

Financial Statement Areas Worksheet

As part of the planning process, the Financial Statement Areas (FSA) Worksheet can be used to identify significant accounts, financial disclosures and other sensitive areas.