Audit System - System Requirements

The Audit System template is designed for use with Caseware® Working Papers.

To run the Audit System template, you require:


  • Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (x64) or later
  • Working Papers version 2022 or later

    Note: Sign into MyCaseware and download the Working Papers installation file from Software Downloads.


  • Minimum 1 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor, 2 GHz or higher recommended for improved performance
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM, 8 GB or higher recommended for improved performance
  • Solid-state drive (SSD) recommended for optimal performance

Hard disk:

  • Minimum 125 MB for Audit content/libraries/help
  • Minimum 25 MB for each open Audit client file
  • Minimum 10 MB for compressed Audit demo file
  • You MUST install the template on your local workstation in the sub-directory of your Caseware installation, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Caseware\. Network installation is not supported.
  • Working Papers must be installed prior to installing Caseware® Audit System.
  • The size of the files will increase as content is added by the firm.
  • All documents are originally set to use A4 sized paper. Paper sizes and page breaks may need to be adjusted if you are not using this System standard.