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Adjusting the view in the Financial Statement Areas Worksheet

To adjust the view in the Financial Statement Areas Worksheet:

  1. Open the Financial Statement Areas Worksheet.
  2. From the Options menu, select Display Non-Material Items, Display Hidden Items or Display Assertion Rows. These menus are on by default, unless your firm has changed the defaults.
  • Display Non-Material Items – this menu displays / hides any financial statement areas that do not have a check in the overall materiality or specific materiality.
  • Display Hidden Items – if you have hidden any financial statement area (by right clicking on an item and selecting Hide Item or from the Document menu, selecting Hide Item), turning this menu on / off will display / hide hidden items.
  • Display Assertion Rows – this menu displays / hides the individual assertion lines for each financial statement area. Each group will be displayed as one line instead of multiple lines. If adjusted performance materiality has been specified for a financial statement area, it is displayed when the assertion lines are displayed.