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Lockdown allows you to comply with established standards governing the documentation an auditor should prepare and retain in connection with engagements such as an audit of financial statements, an audit of internal controls over financial reporting, and reviews of interim financial information. For compliance with these standards, lockdown is not reversible.

With lockdown, you lock all documents in a client file at a point in time. At the time of lockdown, Working Papers creates a permanent copy of all locked documents, which can be viewed at any time. In a locked down state, all locked down documents and most shared data in the file are read-only. No changes can be made to the file without unlocking the file and documenting the change. You can only unlock the file if you have authorization.

You have the option of locking down a file immediately or setting the lockdown for a future date after a period of time based on your jurisdiction. Until lockdown occurs, files are modifiable.

To lock down your client file:

  1. While in the file you wish to lock down, select Engagement | Lock Down. The Engagement Lockdown Wizard opens. Select when to lock down the report and other relevant information.
  2. Click Next. The Lockdown Considerations page of the wizard opens. Based on the contents of your client file, you have the option to run certain actions before the file locks down, such as Clean Up. Select actions as required.
  3. Click Next. If multiple entities exist in a client file, or more than one reporting period is available for selection, the Lockdown Context page opens.
  4. Click Next. The Engagement Lockdown Wizard Complete page opens, identifying when lockdown will occur: immediately or at a predetermined date. Where applicable, type a password.
  5. Click Finish.