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Adding Tags to Procedures

If procedure tagging has been enabled in the Optimiser, you can add tags to procedures and sub procedures in your work program.


  1. Open the work program that you want to add procedure tags to.

  2. Position your cursor on a procedure or sub procedure that you want to tag.

  3. Right-click and select Tag Procedures. The Tags dialog appears, and the procedure or sub procedure that you are tagging is highlighted in red.

  4. In the Tags dialog, to add an existing tag to the procedure or sub procedure, in the Unassigned pane, click the + icon in an existing tag.

  5. To add a new tag for a procedure or sub procedure, click in the New pane and type the new tag. Click + to add the tag.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add additional tags for a procedure or sub procedure. To delete a tag, in the Assigned to Item pane, click X in the tag to be deleted.

  7. Click Previous to assign tags to the previous procedure or sub procedure, or click Next to assign tags to the next procedure or sub procedure.

  8. Close the Tags dialog when you have finished adding tags to procedures.


Tags have been added to procedures. If the tags are not visible, ensure that the Display Procedure Tags is selected from the Options menu.