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Allocating procedures to groups

Procedure allocation enables the ability to assign procedures in a work program or checklist document to specific users, and allows only those users to complete their assigned procedures. This capability is useful if a checklist or work program is to be completed by multiple members of the team. In addition, if responses to procedures could potentially contain sensitive information, the procedures can be marked as Sensitive and their responses hidden from other members of the team.

As the firm author, you have the option to provide guidance in the master template by assigning procedures to a recommended security group. In the engagement file, users can assign procedures to specific members of the engagement team within the group recommended by the firm, or to any other members of the engagement team.


  1. From the Procedures menu, select Allocate Procedures to Groups.

    Note: To allocate procedures to groups, you must first enable procedure allocation in the AO - General Options document. For more information, see Defining Standards for Work Programs.

  2. In the Allocate Procedures To Groups dialog, in the left pane, select the group to which you want to allocate procedures.

  3. In the right pane, select the check boxes next to the procedures and sub procedures that you want to allocate to this group. A procedure or sub procedure can only be allocated to one group.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed to allocate procedures and sub procedures to other groups.

  5. Click OK.

To allocate a specific procedure to a group:

  1. Right-click the procedure that you want to allocate to a group.

  2. From the shortcut menu that appears, select Allocate Procedure To Group.

  3. In the Allocate Procedure To Group dialog that appears, select the check box of the group to which you want to allocate the procedure.

  4. Click OK.

Note: Allocations specified using this method are guidelines only. The engagement team can assign a procedure to a user who is not a member of the group.