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Authoring New Procedures

Procedures are used to determine the quality of a firm's financial information and to ensure accurate representation of their financial position. You can author a procedure to add to a specific work program or checklist. If the procedure is made a common procedure by selecting Procedure is available in other work programs / checklists in the procedure properties, you can reuse it in multiple documents.

To author a new procedure:

  1. On the work program or checklist ribbon, click Author | Insert New Procedure....

    Note: You can also insert a new procedure by right-clicking on an existing procedure and selecting Insert New Procedure.

  2. Select the number of procedures to insert, then click OK.
  3. In the New Procedure dialog, enter the Name of the procedure you want to insert.
  4. From the Industry, Grouping, and Sub Grouping drop-down menus, select the applicable category.
  5. Enter the Version number.
  6. Under the Version field, select any of the additional options.

    Option Description
    Name Enter a name to identify the procedure.
    Industry Select an industry if the procedure is specific to an industry. Industry drop-down is disabled if no industries are selected in the Document Properties dialog.
    Grouping and Sub Grouping

    Select a grouping or sub grouping to define where the procedure should appear. For more information, see Adding Procedures to Grouping or Sub Grouping.

    Version Enter the version number to assist in tracking changes. For more information on version numbering see Updating Procedures in the Master Template Only, or for tracking changes see Content Management.
    Procedure is always required for the work program Select to make the procedure to be a required procedure for the Work Program. Required procedures cannot be deleted. Procedures marked as required will display near the procedure.
    Procedure is library only

    Select to make the procedure optional for the work program or checklist. Procedures marked as optional will display near the procedure.

    Note: You can remove all marked optional procedures ( ) by clicking Author | Remove All Library Only Procedures.

    Procedure is based on existing procedure Select if a procedure is to be created based on an existing procedure within the work program or checklist.
    Procedure is available in other work programs / Procedure is available in other checklists

    Select if the procedure is a common procedure. Common procedures can be reused and modified in multiple documents. Procedures marked as common will display next to the procedure in the document.

    • You can make an existing procedure a common procedure by right-clicking the procedure, then selecting Procedure Properties | Procedure is available in other work programs / checklists.
    • To add a common procedure to other documents, under the same Group or Sub Group, click Procedures | Insert New Procedure from Content Library
    Override procedure response type

    Select to choose the response type without having to rewrite the procedure to "fit" the default in the work program or checklist. Choose from: Work program responses, User defined, Input type, or Date type.

    Click OK.

  7. In your work program or checklist, enter the required procedure text for your new procedure in the Procedure column.

A new procedure is inserted into your work program or checklist. You can set unique features for both procedures and common procedures, including setting conditions, availability, risks and controls. If you edit a common procedure, your changes are applied to all instances of the procedure in the file.