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Creating Checklists

Blank checklists can be added by the author by copying the master checklist. Authors may enter the procedure text by copying/pasting from another document or manually entering the content.


  1. On the Document Manager, click on the location (document or folder) where you would like to add the Checklist.

  2. Click the Work Program button on the Template toolbar to create a new Checklist.

  3. Complete the Document Properties for the new checklist and click OK.

  4. Customize the new checklist and then save it. It will be assigned a document identifier and a position on the document manager automatically.


  • If you cut and paste content from another document the formatting will be corrected when you save the document.

  • You can also right-click on NWPG New Checklist in the New Master Documents folder and copy/paste the file to create a new checklist.

  • Authors should ensure that they do not delete the master checklist document NCHKLST - New checklist from the master template, as this document is needed to create additional checklists.