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Edit Procedure Actions

You can set a procedure action response in checklists to delete documents or procedures based on tags.

To edit a procedure action:

  1. In a checklist, right-click on a procedure and select Edit Procedure Action, the Edit Procedure Action dialog appears.
  2. Select from the following options:

    Option Description


    Select Custom to create the procedure action.

    Recommend actions when the response is

    The User Response type that triggers the procedure action. You can create a different procedure action for each user response.

    Delete documents

    Delete documents with selected tags or without selected tags.

    Delete procedures

    Delete procedures with selected tags or without selected tags.

  3. Click OK to add the actions. A procedure action icon () displays beside the procedure to indicate there is an action.

You have edited a procedure action. To update the tooltip on the procedure action icon, ensure to click the update tooltip icon () on the Audit toolbar.