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Importing procedures from a work program or checklist

Note: You can only select one document during the import process. If you wish to import from multiple sources, importing must be done one document at a time.


  1. In the menu bar, click Author and select Import Procedures. The Import Procedures dialog will open with the current client file as the Import Source.
  2. If the work program or checklist that you wish to copy is in another client file, click Browse to change the import source. Select the client file (.ac) from which you want to copy.
  3. The Import Source Document Manager below will show the document manager of the source you have selected. Refresh the list, if necessary, by clicking Refresh.
  4. Select the document source from which to import the procedures and click OK.
  5. The Import Procedures dialog will open with the list of procedures that can be imported. Select the check box beside each procedure you wish to import.
  6. Click OK.