-- Firm Author --

Importing individual controls

As the firm author, you can import controls from any other template or from any existing client file.

To import controls from another template or file:

  1. Open any work program, checklist, or document that contains the New Control drop-down.

  2. From the New Control drop-down, select Import Controls.

  3. To import controls from a template, select the Templates radio button and select a template from the drop-down. To import controls from a file, select the Other Source Files radio button and click Browse.

  4. If you have clicked Browse to select a source file, use the file locator window to select the file that you want to import controls from. Click Open.

  5. The Import Controls dialog now lists all of the controls in the file that you have opened, organized by business cycle. Select the check box next to a business cycle folder to import all controls for that business cycle, or select the check box for a control to import it. You can import as many controls as you like.

    Note: Controls that already exist in your new client file are displayed in gray and in italics, and cannot be re-imported.

  6. Click OK.

  7. The New Control dialog appears, enabling you to edit the controls that you have imported. To edit a specific control, select it from the drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog.


  • If a control that is displayed in the Import Controls dialog is not associated with a business cycle, it is contained in a folder named Other.
  • If the imported control links to one or more material financial statement areas or Entity level risk categories in the source location, the links are preserved, provided the financial statement areas or Entity level risk categories exist in the client file or template into which the control is being imported.